Option Trading Signals

A truth be told on Signals

Binary options trading signals can be described as a most intriguing concept made in the industry. Why? Basically, with the assistance of binary options signals, new traders will have the privilege of using a software that can help them come up with an accurate prediction.

Back in 2011, when the binary options trading was still new, the only signal traders available were Stock Market and Forex related signals.

At this point of time, there’s a number of marketers offering signals specifically made in binary options trading. Likewise, there’s a number of signal providers who still send SMS as well as email notifications to their subscribers. Then, there’s also an auto-trading signal providers out there.

Auto-trading signal providers are the algorithm affiliated with the binary option account and the signal system points the trade on the user’s behalf. This type of trade– although it’s possible– is considered to be speculative and dangerous, that’s why most professionals don’t even suggest this tactic.


The main objective of most option trading signals out there is to help the trader “win the week.” Basically, each week would be taken as a separate benchmark and have some kind of influence to any positions taken in the later part of the week – just what you would expect, the vendor will try to keep the early profits made for this week.

That in mind, the service aims to provide 3-5 signals per day during the specified period. The actual performance achieved is hard to determine, and it’ll basically depend on how the trader will trade the suggested signals.

What to Look for When Selecting a Binary Options Signals Provider:

– Win Rate: Look for a signal provider that can offer you the highest winrate possible.
– Reliability: This is one of the top factors that you should focus on during your search for the best options signals provider. Here, reviews play a vital role.
– Support: You have to ensure that you’ll only opt for providers that can offer excellent support.
– Pricing: Although there isn’t a standard pricing for this, know that you’ll get what you paid for. Thus, it’s ideal to shop around in order to find the best provider depending on your budget.

Binary Option Brokers Offering Trading Signals


It’s one of the most famous brokers accepting trades in the US. A lot of their traders who utilize robots for their trades do this with the trading robot called “Binary Hedge Fund.” This automated software allows the traders to pick which trading signals to utilize, the assets for the robot to use, and the amount of trade they can place each day. Aside from that, an inverse trading feature can also be made.

Porter Finance

It’s a new brokerage system that allows US traders to become part of the binary options trading. They’re the most preferred system of trader who utilize Binary Option Robot.


24Option provides their clients a wide range of trading signals inside the trading platform for free.

Binary Tilt

It’s a licensed software in New Zealand where the company emails the Faunus signals to their users. As of the moment, they have managed to increase the payout on touch options to a hundred percent.

Binary Option Robots

This is one of the most popular and free software that works with several brokers. The automated trading system of Binary Option Robot allows the traders to control which assets they’re going to trade, as well as the signal resources they’re going to use.

Is Binary Option Trading Worth the Time?

Truth be told, this is hard to determine. For one, if you have noticed, a lot of signal providers write a disclaimer on their site, saying “Simulated results don’t represent actual trading.” What does this imply? Well, these providers are saying that their results aren’t as accurate as it’s supposed to be.

Likewise, there are also providers who promote their trading outcomes by only choosing the winning trades and not revealing the losing trades to the public. Then, there are those who have the habit of sending 10-20 notifications a day and it’s up to the trader to pick up the type of signal they’re going to trade up.

This action leaves the traders to pick the trades by himself– just with the influence coming from a signal service.

Then there’s the sqawk box– a lot of professional traders have employed this tool for several years already. Though, traders ought to know that the sqawk box is just a news service and not a signal provider.

A Word to the Wise

When a broker offering a type of software, it’s important for the traders to ask themselves if the signal is something they can really trust. Wherein, if the signals are remarkable, then all the clients will be interested in using them, and the result? That broker will never have a chance to make any money from it. Keep mind the way brokers make money is when some of the traders lose.

So, the question one should ask to the independent sellers of binary option signals is if the system works remarkably well, then why not utilize it to make a profit through trading rather than selling the system to someone else?

The truth is, the seller of signal alerts earn a profit make money by selling the system to those who are just new in the industry.

We can say that, as you try to develop your own signal generator you have to know that there aren’t any secret to success. What is needed is to come up with a system that will connive with your personality. There are some traders who would play on the other side– and that is, going against the trend or “fading the move.”

In order to come up with your own signal, you should do it based on charts. Viewing these charts is extremely important as well, just like picking the correct time frame in order to ensure that your trade will become successful.

Friendly Reminders:

– When it comes to binary options signal trading, the trader must actively trade the signals themselves and this should be managed at their own risk.
– Time commitment is also important. There will be a need to log in to each session on a daily basis.