Binary Option Demo Accounts

Binary Option Demo Accounts – A Quick Overview

When one first discovers binary options’ trading, it can be a bit overwhelming. This is because it offers the possibility for one to make a lot of money in as little as sixty seconds, daily. Consequently, in order to allow these newcomers learn how binary options’ trading works, they allow customers to setup a demo account. In order to exploit the potential of binary options trading fully, it is advisable that one first sets up a demo account. This will enable him or her avoid any potential pitfall, which can be very expensive.

How the Binary Option Demo Account Works

A demo account works just like the real thing. One can trade in as many options as possible that are provided by the broker they sign up to. However, the difference is that one does not lose any real cash. With the demo credit that one receives, there is the possibility to make wins and losses. Generally gaining an understanding of how much one stands to make. However, these credits cannot be converted into real cash. For anyone seeking to put his or her money online, a demo account is a prudent way to start.

How to Set Up a Demo Account

The process of setting up a demo account is quite simple. All one needs to do is to access the broker’s website. After that, one only needs to sign up for the website’s demo account and fill in all required information. After the account is issued with a password and username, trading can then begin. When one thinks an asset will rise or fall, there is the option to put or call. Essentially, binary options’ trading entails predicting the value of an asset at some future point in time. If the prediction comes true, one then wins a lot of money. With the demo account, one navigates the site and makes predictions on all assets that are offered by the broker.

The demo account allows one to view their predictions history. With this option, one can accurately retrace their steps and discover where it is that they are making mistakes. When one is finally ready to trade in the real money, one only needs to switch over. Most brokers have a minimum amount of money, which one deposits in order to start trading. In most cases, after the first deposit, there is a bonus, which one receives. Make sure to claim this bonus in order to increase the potential wins.

Benefits of Demo Accounts

It allows new traders to make errors without regretting. For instance, although there is a buy-back option in most real accounts, it may not be always possible with some options. On of this being the One Touch and Sixty-second trading option. As a result, a demo account is a great way to avoid these simple mistakes.

It allows users to learn about the different trading platforms before they begin trading. However, a demo account requires that one give out a lot of information. For instance, bank account details, credit card information and other private data. In order to avoid this, here is a review of demo accounts offered by some of the top brokers.

MarketsWorld Demo Account

MarketsWorld is a licensed binary options trading broker. Consequently, one is assured of the security of their investment. This is one of the best choices for a demo account. The broker offers an unlimited demo account. This simply means one can hold onto the account for as long as it suits them. In addition, there no deposit required in order to begin using the account. The real account offers the option to deposit as little as $20 dollars. This is one of the most newbie- friendly demo and real account binary options trade brokers available.

24option Demo Account

When one sets up a 24option account, they automatically qualify for a demo account. Consequently, even for experienced traders, it is a great way to t4st out a new trade they have not previously tried out. With the binary options trading always evolving, a new trade will undoubtedly crop up every now and then. The 24option demo account is available as long as one maintains an account with them. In addition, it has access to all feature on the site as with any real account. The reason they require that one opens up an account in order to receive a demo account is quite sound. 24option has built a reputation as one of the most reliable binary options trading brokers. If they gave out free accounts to anyone, this would greatly affect their server speeds.

Banc De Binary

The broker offers a demo account that is completely similar to the real account. As soon as one makes a deposit, the account is made available to them. This demo account is available on a twenty-four-hour basis. Consequently, one can test out any new features the broker may include in their site. This is a great risk management strategy. With the BDB being a regulated broker, this is definitely a great demo account to have. The $250 dollar minimum deposits helps to separate jokers from serious traders. Otherwise, site visits would overload the server causing a drop in speed.

Magnum Options Demo Account

This account comes with a one-month limit. This is a great strategy to encourage traders to learn as much as possible. Free unlimited demo accounts tend to attract many jokers. Brokers who offer limited demo accounts requiring a certain minimum deposit tend to attract traders that are more experienced. The advantage for newbies here is that they can simply follow the actions of these experienced traders. As a result, they stand to make high returns within a short time of beginning trade.


When using a demo account, one should use as realistically as possible. For instance, placing $100,000 on a trade is not advisable. This is because one is unlikely to trade in such an amount in the real account. A demo account should not be taken as an opportunity to play around. Rather it should be treated as a way to get answers to all the questions one has. People, who utilize a demo account properly, usually make it quite fast in binary options trading.