Binary Book – “a brilliant broker”

Binary Book is one of the pioneer brokers in binary trading options. Since its establishment, it has grown to be one of the most highly rated binary options brokers. Unlike some other binary options brokers, the broker is regulated. Consequently, investors are sure that their money is in safe hands. In addition to that, in case of a disagreement, they can seek legal redress. When compared to other brokers, the site emerges as offering some of the best features.

The Quality of the Binary Book Trading Platform

Unlike most other binary options trading brokers, Binary Book has come up with its own unique trading platform. Most binary options brokers tend to use the pre-existing Tradologic or SpotOption. However, Binary Book has chosen a different path, coming up with its own unique platform. Tech Financials are the primary designers of the platform. The result is a more secure and easier to use trading platform. It is undoubtedly of the most simplified user-friendly platforms available to traders dealing in binary options.

Unlike most other platforms, which use the ‘put’ or ‘call’ buttons, this platform uses a simple plus and minus button. This is quite welcome as the terms can be confusing at times, especially to newbies. Another unique feature available is the ability to open many windows of this trading platform. As a result, one can compare the one that suits them best. Generally, the platform by Binary Book is informative with many useful pointers for new investors.

Features available on Binary Book

A useful feature that is great for those new to the binary options trading is the free demo account. The broker is a pioneer in binary options trading and this was one of its innovative features. The account is very useful to first-timers, who have no prior experience. It allows them to learn the ropes of this trade without making any losses. This is quite different from some other sites, who do not offer this free demo account.

In addition to the demo account, another useful feature is the Buyback option. This feature allows users to cancel a trade up to five minutes before the expiry of the deal. However, one will not recover their full amount. This feature is still useful as it helps one to avoid losing their entire investment.

Another useful feature on the Binary Book website is the unique resource center. Essentially, this is a further guide that contains useful terms used in the binary options trading. Furthermore, the site offers a tutorial on how to get started on making a large profit in binary options trading. The site offers a huge bonus to first-time investors. Although one should not choose binary options, trading broker based on the bonuses. When taken in the context of other features available on the site, this is a welcome addition.

The site offers another incentive in terms of a trading competition. Winners are awarded cash prizes. Besides winning the money, the competition is a great way for investors to hone their skills. It allows one to learn from their mistakes without losing any money. The site also offers one of the highest ratios in terms of payouts. One can get a payout of up to eighty-eight percent. In addition, they site offers one the opportunity to rebate fifteen percent of the investment.

Commissions Charged and Customer Support on Binary Book

The site does not charge any commission to investors on their first deposit. Moreover, for the first time, making a withdrawal is free. For those with a higher-level account such as gold or silver, there are further incentives. The accounts get a monthly free withdrawal and free withdrawal each time respectively. In terms of customer service responsiveness, Binary Book is one of the most responsive sites to customers’ issues.

The site offers twenty-one numbers to contact one of their representatives. The numbers are available for all the major languages of French, English, Spanish, Italian and many more. For those who would want a more personalized chat with the company’s representative, the brokerage also offers the option to contact them through an email address. These representatives are very polite and quite informed on whatever issue one may have.

The Binary Trading Options Available on Binary Book

The broker offers the classic high/low option. In this type of trade, one looses or makes a profit if their prediction that the commodity will finish above or below a certain point. A variation of this is the above/below option. This is also provided on the site. The different with high/low option is that the target price is quite huge.

Binary Book also offers a touch/no touch option. Essentially, the commodity being traded only has to touch the estimated price at one point before expiry of the deal. This is because it is much easier to win with this option. Yields are usually set very low. There is also the boundary option. If the asset is within the established boundaries, then the investor has won if they had chosen ‘in’. The final and fastest trading option is the 60 Seconds option. Essentially, one can make a prediction every minute. This is the fastest way to make money in binary trading options.

Tradeable Assets on Binary Book

The site offers a wide range of assets from which an investor can choose. In total, there are one hundred and three options from which to choose. It trades in eleven commodities, which include gold, oil, and silver. In addition to that, the broker offers thirty international currencies, forty-three stocks, and nineteen indices. The expiry times range from a low of sixty seconds to a maximum limit of a month.


With years of experience and trust from investors, Binary Book is definitely one of the best brokers available. In fact, it is hard to find a binary options trading broker who offers as many incentives. In addition to this, they deal with a wide array of payment and withdrawal options. Consequently, one does not have to worry about how to access any winnings they make. This is quite different from other brokers who offer very few payment options. There is no better partner than Binary Book for newbies seeking to engage in binary options trading. Visit their site and begin trading today!