Review for Binary Trading with 24Option

24option-logo Most certainly one of the trusted and well known binary options trading brokers in the industry, 24Option get a big thumbs up from us. They are not a scam website and have a great reputation when it comes to dealing with clients, retentions and customer payouts.

24Option are licensed and regulated by CySec and we understand are also applying for registration with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), as it understood that they will be regulating the Binary Options Brokers working in the UK. They have offices located in Israel, Cyprus and the UK.

Seen as an award winning broker, 24 Options have large advertising deals with the likes of Juventus football club and television adverts running throughout the day on Bloomberg television. This just adds to the confidence we have in the brand, which is merely one reason why we would rate 24Option at the very top of our list of Online Binary Option Brokers.

24Option run on the Tech Financial Platform; who have created an exclusive portfolio of trading products, allowing online brokers to reach the widest range of target audiences. This is great news for traders; the platform allows you trade using your smart phone, with great iPhone and Android applications as well as website based software accessible from anywhere in the world.

The 24Option demo account is a great start for the beginner traders. Trade on the live markets but without having to invest a penny. Traders will quickly be able to assess where and on what trades the most amount of profit can be made and begin trading with as little as 250 USD. This is the minimum deposit amount in order to open a live trading 24 option trading account.

There are 5 standard packages that 24Option offer all traders. All 24 option packages come with an introduction into binary options trading, free webinars, video tutorials and ebooks.

A 250 USD deposit will give traders access to the standard package, up to 89% returns and one free withdrawal. A 1000 USD deposit on the other hand is the silver package, again offering up to 89% returns with a free withdrawal. The silver package also awards traders with a dedicated senior analyst and basic technical analyst, indicators and money management. You will also be able to access a daily market review.

The Gold package are for traders with experience, 10,000 USD deposits and upwards will provide 89% returns with up to one free withdrawal per month. An advanced technical analysis, indicators and chart patterns. Other useful tools made available for binary traders with a gold package are Japanese candlestick Analysis. A way of presenting the price action over a set period of time. They provide useful information, such as the market sentiment or possible reversals in the markets, by showing the price movement in a specific way.

The Platinum and Platinum Plus packages are for anyone ready to trade 20,000 USD plus. 24 Option will offer between 89% and 91% returns on every trade! Traders can withdraw at anytime for free. Traders will also be given access to Advanced Money Management, Risk Management, Assets for fix amount trading, Widgets, Advanced Technical Analysis, Live Trading Signals (Alerts) (this, by the way is an asset that’s worth it!) and a private webinar with some of 24 Options best and brightest trading super stars.

Let’s Start Trading with 24Option – what’s next?

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